The MEKRUPHY ADDESTATION system is one of the latest data logging systems, unique in its functionality and easy in handling. The masterpiece of the data logging system is the MGA, which is a powerful data logger, which can record measurements from up to four sensors simultaneously and can process 64 000 pieces of data every second.

What does ADDESTATION mean?

Software and sensors in the MEKRUPHY data logging system have been developed in close association with our partners ADDEST Technovation PTE Ltd. of Singapore. This is reflected in the term “ADDESTATION”.

This has been registered as a trade mark with the German patent and trade mark authorities. The ADDESTATION technology has also been patented with the European patent authority. The highly responsive sensors, the powerful MGA data logger and the well tested software for the MEKRUPHY ADDESTATION system represent a measurement system that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of precision and ease of use.